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Boardwalk Italian Ice & Creamery
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How it All Started

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Family Owned and Operated

The Boardwalk Italian Ice & Creamery a family owned and operated business under the leadership of Joseph M. Hurtuk III is the newest Homemade Ice Cream and dessert eating adventure in Boynton Beach. The Boardwalk opened its doors in 2015 at a Grand Opening when they and City Officials cut the ribbon to kick off their new and unique establishment.

Joseph III and the Boardwalk family prides themselves on making and creating the best Homemade Ice Cream, Italian Ices, and other Boardwalk desserts.

Born and raised in New Jersey, the family all visited the Jersey Shore as children and now as adults began discussing and working together bringing the Boardwalk concept and theme to south Florida.

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Shore Town Memories

When Joseph and the family sat down a few years ago, the idea struck them to bring those shore town memories and desserts to many people who now live in South Florida or come here to vacation during the warm winter months. When the family decision was made to move ahead on the business, they created the Boardwalk Brand that met their goals of a fun time Seaside Boardwalk Dessert experience at a fair and reasonable price.

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The Boardwalk Experience.

When you see the brightly colored red and white building and landscape, you can’t help but feel that Boardwalk experience. After you park your car and begin to walk on the Boardwalk, you will pass several large window photos of Boardwalks, and a real beach scene with beach balls, a life guard stand and a boat surrounded by lush seaside landscaping. As you turn the corner to enter the store you will be startled on how good you look in the “skinny” Fun House mirror on the wall. Once you enter the the store the sights and smells will take you back to those days of when you walked the “Boards” in your favorite Shore/Beach town. As you walk around the store you see a collage of framed post cards from several states that host great Beaches and Boardwalks.

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Creating New Memories

In our take out freezer, you can purchase many different flavors of pre-packed Pints of Ice Cream and Ice Cream Pies. After you select your treats, you will see “Waffles” our Carousel Horse back dropped by an old time Carousel Mural. Put the children under 40 pounds on her and snap away with your camera for a great memory and picture.

You will notice no seats inside, however when you exit out the back, you’ll be treated to our Seaside Courtyard where you can sit and enjoy your treat and free WiFi, or if you prefer, you can grab a bench seat on our Boardwalk or an Adirondack Chair in the front of the store. It’s really cool at night under the lights. To top off your eating experience, there will be some children and adult Boardwalk Games to play.

We know you will love our Loyalty Program. As a Customer, you get a card, and it gets punched each time you buy (rules are on the back). When the card is full, you come in and spin our Wheel of Fortune where you will win prizes or products.

Joseph III and the rest of the Boardwalk Family are looking forward to creating memories for the community as well as becoming a good corporate neighbor to work with Schools, Seniors, and Youth Programs. They see their business as establishing a “Family” relationship with all their customers.

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